Weekend Crew Interview

George T. Mitchell’s gorgeous costumes evoked both sleek 1950s and musty 1920s. Norma’s gowns, particularly, were a wow, telling a subtle story of their own. She appears first in mourning black (albeit with sequins), then moves up to elegant purple brocade as Joe comes into her life, then to golden orange with red trim as she blossoms with new life.

- Bob Cartwright

Wichita Eagle

Musical Theatre West
Countless more-than-gorgeous costumes.

- Steve Stanley


The fab-u-lous 1920s fashions recreated by George Mitchell for the Music Theatre of Wichita... provides eye- catching costumes that make the Raleigh-based regional theater’s presentation of The Drowsy Chaperone look as good as it sounds. Don’t miss it!

- Robert W. McDowell

Mary Poppins is the most lavish-looking production I've seen on the Walnut's stage, with colorful, eye-popping costumes by George T. Mitchell and handsome sets by

J. Branson.

- Tim Dunleavy

Talkin' Broadway

Damn Yankees MTW
George T.  Mitchell’s costumes are exquisite.

- Susan L. Rife 
Wichita Eagle